Hey there! Last time I spoke about how to add a bit of microservices style architecture flavor to your monolithic app and the benefits of doing it in such a way. Now I’m going to go through a concrete working example of a modularly built, ‘plug-in and play’, intuitive and reusable CSV importer. We’ll have it import a Post object for our blog

To start things off let’s look at what we’ll need and what we’ll be doing. we’ll be doing it the TDD way so we’ll have a spec file, a importer file, a ImportPostsController and it’s subsequent route and also a rake task for mass imports.

Go to your filetree, right click app and create a new directory called ‘data_importers’. Inside it place the importer.rb file. This is where you’ll put your importer code. Do the same for the spec and create you’re importer_spec.rb file where you’ll host your tests.

Normally you’ll go the lines of red, green, refactor path, but to keep this as short as possible I’ll just put in the whole importer_spec file in it’s entirety followed by the importer file.


And here is the importer.rb file that makes the test pass:

Now to use this, we create a rake task where we invoke the logic. We can use this rake task via the server console and import a multitude of records via one single task.

For individual imports we just create a ImportPostsController where we invoke the importer logic, create a route for it and add the link in the UI so that an individual user can do it. But this post is getting kind of long, so we’ll do that in a future article

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